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From the desk of Jerry Mans

  • A Call to ALL frustrated traders…

Forgive my bluntness, but the fact that you’re on this page now tells me that you have a problem in  Achieving Success with Binary Options Trading and you WANT to solve it fast.

You’re trading since some time… but either you have inconsistent winning trend or you’re not succeeding at all.

You see all the promising returns before your eyes; You got the guts and skills to trade; You know which asset to trade and which direction it’s moving to;

You’re in front of your binary options platform, ready to start trading; You see the asset price moving in the direction that you predicted. Everything is perfectly set, BUT…

  • Which trade type should you chose? the high/low, the touch/no touch, the boundary, the 60-sec??

Trade types

  • Which expiry period should you chose? 10-min? 15-min? 30-min? 1 hour?expiry periods
  • Should you trade one single type at a time? or 2 or more types together?
  • What Contract size should you enter with?

Trade size

  • When EXACTLY should you pull the trigger? Should you jump in immediately to ride the wave? or should you wait another 5 min? or 10 min?

trigger time


The questions are so many…and so are the possibilities… and for each combination there would be a trading scenario and a trading result!!! Which combination should you chose? Is there any optimum rule leading to the best results?

You’re confused… and believe me you’re absolutely right!

I don’t want to waste your time and bore you with a long sales letter. Let’s get down to the point shall we?

I KNOW how to solve your problem of Binary Options Trading because I was in your position before.
I was very frustrated back then as I could not find PRACTICAL and FEASIBLE solution to solve this problem.

We, at SBO, have developed a method that has the reply to all the above legitimate worries:

  • We know which assets to trade: We’re dealing ONLY with selected assets that we fully understand their historical behavior
  • We know in which time frame window the selected assets give their predictable performance
  • We know at which EXACT time to enter during the trading window
  • We know which type of binary options trade to select
  • We know which expiry period to chose with each trading type
  • We know what trade size to select and the money management of it

This knowledge is the result of long days of research, analysis and live trading. And all of it will be transmitted to YOU… when you subscribe to Signals Binary Options.

When I started, I searched everywhere to find useful information… and I got really fed up.
Why? Because methods on how to Achieve Success with Binary Options Trading are scattered here and there, and are mostly based on generic approaches that might work fine in normal markets but are useless scrap when it comes to Binary Options trading. None of those methods consider the VERY IMPORTANT factor in Binary Options…

Binary Options trades have an expiry time that ranges between 10-min and 1 hour… Relying on normal trading methods WILL NOT HELP. Period.

I knew this from the beginning. I knew that in order to succeed in binary options we should not confuse ourselves with unnecessary complications. We should not listen to the economic analysts that blare our sights with contradictory predictions… We should NOT rely on complicated technical analyses…
All that we should do is to FOCUS on the price action… as this is the best true reflection of the market.

So I decided to study the tiny behavior of selected assets, and to translate their actions into a mathematical model allowing me to draw some trading trends.

Being a forex trader for more than a decade, I decided to prioritize on the currency market. I teamed up with a small group of young energetic mathematicians, and after long hours of scrutinizing and analyzing the historical data, with back tests and forward live trades… We found the Solution!!!

Each team member had a set of assets to study and to present his results to the whole team. And the first ones to show up promising results were the euro-dollar pair (EURUSD)… So we decided to publish the relevant results, and to give more time to other teams to get more convincing results with other assets.

In this sales page I will elaborate with brief details, the results of the eurusd pair, and how to use them in our Binary Options trading. This exact approach is the basis of the Signal Alerts you will be getting should you decide to join our team. The complete study for the eurusd pair and other assets will be part of your bonuses when you subscribe… These are the Cheat Sheets.

To simplify the matter, let’s take an example of a 5-min candlestick bar chart of the EURUSD pair. We know for sure that during a confirmed trend window, some bars will follow the same direction of the trend (exhibiting what I call Positive Fidelity), and some other bars will move in opposite direction (Negative Fidelity). For a Binary Options trade to be In-the-Money, the closing price at trade expiry should be higher than the opening price (for a Call option) or Lower than the opening price (in a Put option). So what are the odds of having a winning streak instead of a losing one?

The ONLY question that was driving our study was:
“During a confirmed Trend formation window, what is the wining ratio for each of the opening times vs the different expiry periods?” 


and in plain language: If I have a confirmed trend start (given by a Signal provider)… and if I place my trade after 5-min from receiving the Signal, what are the winning %ages for a 10-min expiry or 15-min or 20-min or 30-min expiries? what if I  placed my trade after 10-min from Signal receiving or after 15-min or 20-min or even 30-min from Signal start… what would be the winning %ages for the different expiry periods? Moreover, which type would be more advantageous: the Touch type trade or the high/low type?

Using a mathematical model to produce trade simulations, we came out with the first set of rules:

The EURUSD historical behavior on the 5-min chart showed a great response to the simulations with results far beyond our expectations. The study covered more than 65,000 set of historical data (more than a year of 5-min data), and has given the following impressive results:

For the High/Low Trades, if we place the trade we get 65% winning ratio on average for any expiry period, when we place our trade between
0 and 15 min from receiving the Signal Alert.

HL_Trade Simulator JPEG


And for the Touch type trade… if we select the 10-min to 20-min expiry period, we have an average of 75% winning ratio when trading at any time from Signal receiving time.
Touch-NoTouch Trades Results

ALL the above Results are traceable and are based on very long studies that will be yours once you join the team.

Now based on the above results and depending on your mood, you may chose one of the following options… after you receive our Signal alert:

  • If you have a relaxed mood… place a High/Low trade with a 25 or 30 min expiry, set your target and continue your real life.
  • If you have a striking personality… then place 1 (or more) Touch trades with 10 or 15-min expiry and watch your return rising to 75%
  • And if you have an aspiring personality… you may want to place 1 H/L trade and 2 Touch Trades at the same time… and watch your returns rocking.

The Choice is yours… and so are the returns

To those of you who are wondering what would the 65% or 75% winning ratio means… you better open your eyes:

What does the 65% winning ratio mean? Is it worth trading? What is the Return on Investment (ROI) with this winning ratio?

We have carried out the simulation of more than 65,000 market data sets over 15 months; we started with a $1000 balance (Risk Amount); Each trade: only $100 per contract; We have considered a return of 80% per winning trade (common return offered by most of the binary brokers), and for that combination, we got the following results:

When executing the Signals IMMEDIATELY upon receiving the alerts, we get the following returns for the High Low trades:

  • For the 10-min expiries: Return of $19,760 (or approx $15,800 per year… that is a ROI of 1580%)… turning $1000 into $15000 in a year!!! are you catching the figures???
  • For the 15-min expiries: Return of $15,400 (approx $12000 per year: ROI of 1200%)
  • For the 20-min expiries: Return of $19,460 (ROI of 1560%)

The below illustration is ONLY an excerpt…

You will receive the complete study when you join our team.

H-L summary_0-min

Of course those are hypothetical results based on simulations… but wouldn’t you be happy if you get half of the stated ROIs???
Think about it.

If you’re a trader (expert or novice) looking to benefit from the Binary Options market… then you will not want to skip this trading opportunity.

Yes. you can benefit from this new emerging Binary Options trading instrument…
All that you need is

1) a Proven System
2) a Trusted Broker, and
3) a Disciplined Profile

Subscribe today to Signals Binary Options [S.B.O.] and receive Real-Time recommended alerts… allowing you to trade… and win with much more confidence

We’re banking on the success of the trading system: Binary Options Winning Formula (BOWF)


Launched almost a year ago, BOWF has helped many
traders achieve their goals in success.

This System continues to be in-high-demand for valid
reasons:  this is a very straight forward and highly accurate trading tool…

How does the Signals Alerts Service work?

We, at S.B.O. possess an auto-signal alert software that scans the markets 24/7…
This software is based on the best Artificial Intelligence tools and is set to the most strategically-possible algorithm of (very) short term indicators.
When a trading opportunity is identified, our software will trigger an alert in our Trading Room…which is then transmitted in Real Time to the customers’ registered email address.

SBO process

All the customer has to do is to execute the  received alerts in a TIMELY manner.
Our Customers DO NOT need to stay glued to their PCs analyzing charts and placing emotional trades.
Our Customers can ENJOY their real and daily life, and will ONLY trade when they receive our special signal alert to their email address.
No frustration, No Guesswork… Just Informed Trades.

SBO process-2

2-steps from our part and 2-Actions from your side is all what’s needed to secure your SUCCE$$

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